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To avoid confusion, the setting is EARTH, beginning around present time. If you are confused about any other references or allusions which you don't understand, google it or read a book. I am aware there is quite a lot unexplained, but this is an attempt at some feedback before I decide to go any further, as I have too many ideas right now to be entirely sure where to go with this, though I easily imagine this story taking up at the very least a singular full length novel. Dealing with the syntax and structuring I use turning idea into literature is a little easier said than done. So for now, this is the foundation.


"When the Glen's of Old had grown cold from the ticking of time's great toll, grew into obscurity a confused little man. Nothing saw or done should seem to suffice, for it seemed the heart of the world itself had grown thick under ice. Entered into all that was warned against, shattering every vice. His mind could not escape the pain, and known not did he that it came from within. Fear lined the road he walked, glaring with ghoulish eyes, from them never could he hide. Addicted to becoming forgetful of his woes, tried forever to keep that door in his mind closed. Somewhere along the way he had dropped that key, and forever in hell he would be, so it seemed."

Though.. the ancient prophecies that all tried to ignore, had fleshed themselves through the regrets of men, stumbled upon their own dreams finally, and through the merging of technology and the mind, finally a catalyst had tore down the gates that once separated reality and imagination.

EXCERPT 2. Short History of the End (and Beginning) of the World

A breakthrough in nanotechnology, tiny machines which would have been believed to work for man, as by seemingly driven by the own ignorance of his subconscious, begin to devour the world on the winter solstice of 2012. Accelerated and shaped by the fear of what was thought to be some cataclysm of mass proportion. These augmenters of human mentality chewed up the whole of the world and spit it back out in a single day. By the beginning of the 13th year of the second millennium "in the day of our lord" whole races had been remade, the planet a dream-scape. But still yet, not one of their fears had been escaped. Everything imaginable had found it's place, mirroring the beauty and terror of the minds deepest dwellings. Though none remembered the old world and it's ways, still battles raged. The old ideals betwixt dominion and freedom I would guess, but my mind doesn't understand these things, as after all these actions did I come into being, made by the first master to tell this tale of everything, for it can not belong to one singular being. Under the oceans, came into creation a great golden city, holding many secrets, and those who in mortal life had attained enough purity to be granted a place in eternity.

Here awoke our hero, the little dreamer of the world of old, who did not seemingly fit in amongst all these worthy wights (beings), for his road was walked with great blasphemy. Yet it seemed that since he had lost the key to his forgotten follies, and could not fathom anything beyond himself, he was granted a place in it's halls, after all he had nothing to surrender, he was the only one doomed with memory of the world before. His unceasing spirit had been his trademark, and his imagination knew no limits. Quickly from the council of the twelve wise ones did he receive explanation on the world above. It seemed that the golden city had been made to protect these select from the onslaught of the Seven Scourge of Sin, seven great serpents of vastness beyond belief. Seven miles in length did they measure, the character of their being matching the individual fears attached to each. Told was he, my great master, to take with him the seven chosen Hunter's of Fate, who knew not what rest was, with him into the skies and slay these seven at once. The battles waged, as these stalkers of vileness together with my master took towards the surface and into the heavens and one by one ended the terrors swiftly with their great enchanted weapons of war. An end to the wages of sins finally found, they returned to the seas each with a singular scale as token of their great feats.

EXCERPT 3. Eye to Eye with the Infinite Lies.

Strode through the great halls of the wise lords came the master returning from making quick work of these behemoths of bestial might. Unbeatable was the glory of the golden souled. Told was our hero that an audience with the Infinite Eye he had gained, and so was he showed the way into the great Labyrinth that led into the deepest depths of the golden citadel. Alone was he to walk this road, but ever gaining in insight, the master walked the intricate paths of the maze, until after long he arrived at a large stone slab of a door. As his hand reached for the door, immediately was he thrown headlong through darkness, at what seemed the speed of light. Arriving finally in the pitch of black, he stood on the floor of a room where see could he not any floor or walls. Infinitely incomprehensible is the only way to describe the room and it's singular denizen, who thought himself enshrouded by the blackest of space. Account not did he, in the master's ability to see without his sight, for he was guided by an inner light. Surprised was my sire, yet blink nor cringe did he, for his battles with the great Seven Serpents had shattered his fears. He spoke to the towering titan of sickly flesh be-speckled with lidless eyes and quivering mouths in chaotic configuration.

"Answers was I promised, whatever you are.
To you I was led across time and lands so far.
Alone I am, speak openly on the ordering of things.
This is fate I know, in my head, of this, did the voices sing."

Laughter rumbled in a choir of madness, and the abomination spoke from all it's openings, though it's voice was deceptive, sweeter than the sounds of summer streams.

"I know, and remember, everything about you
and all your powers, you owe to me too.
I am he who was first to think, and will.
Awoke did I when the heavens were deathly still.
You could not fathom in years for how long I lived,
(and for almost forever alone).
Yet alot like you I looked then,
(and forever without home).

I saw the stars first fashioned and watched the first worms crawl.
For awhile I even felt passion, in the simple observation of it all.
After long I saw what walked like man, oh finally to someone I could talk.
So perfect when first created were they, you wouldn't believe unless you saw.
I remember when first I showed myself to them, and the birth of fear.
Oh I simply wanted to hold one in my arms, being alone for uncounted years.
Screamed did she, squeezed did I.
Bones splintered, her lungs sighed.

Could you imagine it? Oh as god the first, I had no witness.
No creator had I to ease my distress.
Awoke too early did I, my only guess.

I raged into the sky so far
and hurled did I, that planet,
into the nearest star.
What was this exhilaration?
Great was this, complete annihilation.

Using endless forms so as not to get bored,
I became the first monstrosity.
Sometimes I'd be simply wild electricity.
But those were really my most innocent of crimes.
I'd become the definition of evil in all language with due time.
This erasure of purity, how sublime
first I lost my thoughts, then finally my mind.

By the time I came too, again all was dark.
Not a single star in the sky, not one spark.
As the memories returned, the oceans of tears then came.
I swore I'd recreate it all, I'd make it all the same.
Trying to remember I retraced my steps.
This would be simple, I had to have been the best.
Again all the stars would shine, all would be fine.
I'd watch over her children, they would be like mine.
I'd teach them my magic, and for them everything provide.
But it wasn't that simple, it was plain they'd always die.

I set off in search, to record the whole cosmos.
To research again and over, what gave power the most.
With quality and quantity measured,
I set in motion all I remembered,
to make immortal the children of the stars,
one's who can travel with me forever and far.

You and your people are but a link in my chain,
I who toiled in infinite pain.
I pulled every string that brought you here,
after this is the end of fear.
Kill me and take my place, it's the only way.
Only one king can preside over the eternal day.
To you shall all things be known,
where-ever you go, that shall be your throne.
Learn from my mistakes and at least be wise,
my knowledge is great, and only those necessary will die.
You've seen the world of pain and misery,
but I've worked out this great plan you see...
Only 144.000 of the divine will remain,
billions had to die for them to be saved.
I started this story, chosen you to end it.
One more death, an end forever, so splendid."

After a pause of silence, as the master contemplated this story, finally he responded.

"Unknown to me, you thought yourself.
Too long in your own darkness did you dwell.
There was a time I imagined hell,
never did I imagine it so well.
You know much, but with all those eyes little do you see.
Or perhaps even with all those mouths all you can do is lie to me.
Rejected memories art thou, and forgotten histories.
Too kind would it seem to shower in your insides and set you free.
A little bit longer must you wait, it seems to be.
For I dub thee Choronzon, the self shattering one,
the plague of doubt resounding inner tones.
Compared to thee, the seven serpents of sin are merely symptom.
Your suffering will end after long,
after you've been devoured by 7 billion strong.
Good-bye old fear, you are no longer needed here."

And with that he tore out the largest, centered eye and devoured the sickly flesh, to his surprise the grossly gargantuan recoiled not one bit. Things went dizzy for my sire, but before all went dark, he swore he saw the mouths of the monster curl up into smiles, and even the eyes began to evaporate streams of sorrow. He floated on this time slowly through swirls of light and stars. Coming to rest on the cushion of what felt like clouds, he felt a remarkable warmth throughout, though for now.. could not open his eyes.

EXCERPT 4. The Sublime Self

It could not be said how long he had been bathing in the wakeful light, but the vileness felt from feeding of the Choronzon's cancerous flesh had subsided, an excess of ecstasy overtaking his form. Finally grasping his balance, he stood within a whirlwind of energy, lights and shapes slowly humming about in the space about in an intelligible gibberish, the conversation of cosmic creation, an unceasing exchange of information. A white sphere appeared, glowing with the radiance of all the rainbow in subtler shades. Upon inspection, my sire saw a figure within, beyond beauty, the idealization beyond imagination. Awe aggravating his expectations of perfection, he was unable to gather a remarkable utterance. A voice began to speak from within the aura, in a synthesis of sort, of all tones and echoes clashing into a syntax of supreme sophistication, that it required all sense and concentration to understand. And would he not if my sire was a lesser man.
"I've waited here for awhile to finally meet you,
listening to the elements converse in the cosmic dew.
You finally denied all the lies, oh don't look so surprised.
You've done a great job after all is done,
you were right to trust that the darkness can be quite fun.
As long as one doesn't deny, and from it try to hide.
When all become so pure, to another no one can do wrong.
Battles aren't fought for fears, but to make the wise one's strong.
The world you remember seemed to forget that,
and ease of dealing death gave the fearful some pay-back.

You see, we've been through all of this before,
it took uncountable aeons, but you've finally opened the door.
After this all shall be done in the name of pleasure.
Though struggles will come, all will be done for leisure.
Every lie has been unwound,
the demon spoke but you heard not a sound.
You finally saw in the written words all the signs,
don't ever regret in taking your time.

You see existence has always been kind,
those who suffer most forget quickest if pure in mind.
Choronzon's age begins to wain, as too the time of pain.
But I'll let you know, the Earth has existed before,
in fact it's the original experiment of the will that was yours.
When memory once intact, you once tried to re-enact,
the universe you had razed,
but not a single star could you raise.

Don't feel bad, you've finally earned the right to be glad.
Now I will unwind the lies the demon told in order to survive.
Earth is first in existence, purity lost,
we started again from scratch.
Without the essence intact,
true will would never be hatched.
Everything you knew,
yet without the other half, nothing could you do.
the shadow was not something you could subdue.

So many times we failed, not willing to give up control;
our feelings of frailty so ingrained, so old.
The wisdom of creation we could not see,
too strong, to early we made the children to be.
This time we got things just right though,
in division all things start, and progress is slow.

We arranged the Earth in pieces,
and kept the races separate.. alone.
To the North fell the fathers of fire,
cold exteriors, spirits of unending desire.
To the South were your brothers of earth.
Strong in flesh, for their suffering was the worst.
In the East, the children of the sky.
Ever progressing in technique, and skills of the mind.
To the West, your sisters strong in feeling sent.
For the woes of the world in their hearts were kept.
And finally across the seas,
cousins kept hidden from your eyes.
Alone they waited, the keeper's of time.

As all ye matured, to the centers were you lured.
Endless exchanges of blood and words between wars.
From the strife came great tales,
and sufferings which led to the first drink of ale.
Kinder we wanted to be your lot,
but after inception, contact make, we could not.
For you see the world was your cocoon,
and cursed always are those who look too soon.
Inspiration you hid in your own words,
for you lived through every age in that world.
Trusted to yourself, to remember the plans,
and guide the ages unknowingly through your hands.
Though for long you were doomed to repeat,
though finally even yourself did you defeat.
Your endless love for slaying now gone,
the heavens within resounding in song.

In insight were you the first to see,
a splinter from the first one's great seed.
Your brother's and sisters shall learn even quicker now,
learning through words, instead of mistakes,
it's simple somehow.
Often forgot you did your own song,
though don't feel like you did the world wrong.
You wandered directly into your chosen path;
now all will follow, forever free you are to simply laugh.

Though you look upon me in awe it seems,
but truly in you it is god that I see.
Forever and infinity by your hands are finally won.
I guess you're wondering who I am, I'm your first son."

Before my sire could respond, he had awoken. So vivid had this seemed, and even more startling still, even the apocalypse had been a dream. Awoken did he a year before the end. He went outside to breath the fresh air, none of the splendors and horrors of the imagination incarnate were there. Though so vivid was his experience, and so clear now his conscience, recorded all he remembered. He knew this message for good reason had been sent, for patience and acceptance had been the path that led to the proposed perfections. So forgiving the follies of his friends and old fears, he set out to tell the world if only they were willing to hear.

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